Today…As Much As You Want

Well, the party took place and this time the kids could have as much food as they wanted.  Their faces being stuffed with meat and rice until they couldn’t eat anymore

…a rare moment.

This is just part of the celebration.  The shoes are being purchased so there will be time to get the right number for the right sized feet… not an easy thing to do for over 400 feet.  Probably an impossible thing to find all in one day even in multiple stores.  We always do things big… Like needing a dozen motorcycles for the Boda Boda Project. We need to get use to people saying… “You need how many?!?!”  What a blessed problem!

Right now the children are between school quarters so Deo and Christine are making their plans.

Thank you all!

Because of you, their stomachs are full… and because of you, we are now purchasing shoes. When they return in a few weeks they should have Stage II of their Christmas.  Imagine that day… over 400 pairs of shoes to go on 400 pairs of feet. We will keep all of you in ‘the know’ as we proceed with this incredible gift. More photos to follow and instead of stuffed faces, we will have hundreds of toes and feet in shoes.


~ Gail Walter
Founding Member, Director