Schools and Education

We currently have two schools at Uganda Now Outreach,

the Busagazi Primary School and Kansas College Campus

Busagazi Primary School

Located at the heart of a remote peninsula in Lake Victoria. This area has never had running water or the convenience of electricity. The residents are often too impoverished to afford food on a daily basis. Despite the hardship of living and the constant battle to survive, many of the parents understand the value of educating their children so that they can have better lives. Busagazi Primary School educates over 450 children, many of which walk shoeless through miles of jungle just to go to school.  These students are plagued by intense hunger, parasites, poverty, the threat of human trafficking, child sacrifice, early marriage and forced labor each day.

Kansas College

Kansas College is the first and only secondary school (High School) of it’s kind in that region of Uganda. It has approximately 400 students and was awarded the bronze medal in 2013 for its professionalism and excellence in education. Some of our graduates now have gone on to train in positions of dentistry, nursing and teaching. We also have graduates who have pursued specialization in construction and other vocations.

This is where child sponsorship has really changed lives.

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