“I don’t want to go to “Just Go” or to be able to say “I went.” Lord, give me a story… give me YOUR story.  Make a story for me that gives you glory and lets me come alongside what you’re already doing. Give me a God-story.”

Give me a God-story.

This is the prayer I prayed after a Missions Team meeting in 2015.  One of my friends had just gotten done telling us about his medical mission trip to Kenya.  I was so happy for him and excited about what God had done in his life.  What was God going to do with my desire to go? What was He going to do with my willingness? If I would only be patient enough to wait, not orchestrate.

In the summer of 2016 Deo and Christine Musisi visited the United States in an effort to spread the word about Uganda N.O.W. Outreach, a program instituted eight years ago by two very enthusiastic American girls from Kansas.  One of these American girls was a friend to our family and going through one of the most trying times of her life and became ill.  During this time, my husband had been helping her care for her home by mowing and doing basic landscaping for her.  God started weaving our threads together with Gail Walter.  Gail had posted on Facebook about the sponsorship program that UNO offered.  She told personal stories of knowing the kids, knowing their situations, experiencing their world.  It moved me to respond and inquire.  She told me there were people that were coming to the states soon from the UNO program and that we would have to sit down and talk to them. 

The story started at Casa Grande,

over a ridiculous amount of Mexican food that barely got touched because no one could stop talking.  There was an instant bond, because… well, that’s what the Holy Spirit does when you meet believers that are completely different than you.  The Holy Spirit erases the fear, skepticism, selfishness, personal agendas, and obstacles when you are supposed to see something or hear something.  We were in.  God had started His story. 

The following months were a blur as Deo and Christine had speaking engagements all over Kansas with different churches and groups.  We spent endless hours listening to ANYTHING they would tell us about their home. 

We wanted to know everything…

By August of 2016 we were invited to be on the board of directors for UNO and we were honored to join the cause. Deric and his partner Chris Ova felt passionately about a certain project that Deo had dreamt up for creating an income for the teachers that serve the children in Busagasi.  They prayed and responded to the need for Boda Boda’s (motorcycle taxis) and God provided the money through our company DC Solutions.  In August, we also started sponsoring two children at Kansas College, not knowing that in eight short months we would be holding them in our arms and telling them how much Jesus loved them and how much WE loved them.  The trip that opened our eyes and gave us new lenses on which to look at Africa AND America.  New lenses to see what really matters and just how GOOD our God is in the midst of… everything.

I could not have written this story myself.  I could not have picked out the people, the ordained late nights talks, the ways that money came in, the love that appeared for a place I had never been, all their little faces of hope, and the grace that poured out over the cultural gap that separates us. 

I could not.

It was a God-story. 

~ Laura Moore, Director