Boda-Boda Project

The Boda-Boda Project


BODA BODA! This is a term you hear frequently in Africa. Boda Bodas are motorcycle taxis and a very prevalent form of transportation for people who could never afford to own a vehicle.

This project was developed in response to the desire to provide financially for the teachers on Busagazi Island. One motorcycle has the ability to employ and provide for our graduates, as well as, pay teachers who receive NOTHING for their job. This is a godly, dedicated crew, spiritual beyond belief and poor, hungry and often living on the brink. Our head Master, Steven, was given a motorcycle years ago to help him manage the job of running the elementary school and errands. We saw immediate fruit as the boda boda increased efficiency and generally made life more livable in the remote bush.

Donating funds towards a boda boda will allow Makindu graduates to be employed as Boda Boda drivers, create income for themselves and a baseline income for the teachers, and provide maintence on the motorcycle for 4-5 years. Our drivers are not just any ordinary drivers… they will also share love and the story of Christ, a story they learn firsthand at Makindu College. They will transport people, their families, and anything up to and including a cow!

Uganda N.O.W. Outreach will assume ownership of the motorcycles under the watch care and distribution of Pastor Deo and Christine.

The greatest part of this project is that the Gospel will be preached to ALL who use our transportation! Hundreds of people a day will hear the name of Jesus!!!

Now we need you.

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