Our Mission Statement


“Fulfilling the Great Commission by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and in deed for the Glory of God.”



 Uganda N.O.W. Outreach Mission & Vision Statement

      The mission of Uganda N.O.W. Outreach is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a holistic ministry that targets both the physical and spiritual needs.(Ephesians 2:8-10; James 2:14-17 ; Matthew 25:40; Matthew 18:19)
We aim to empower the local people and church to be self-sufficient – without the need of aid or interference from outside assistance; we strive to give a hand-up, not a hand-out. (Acts)
All of this is done for the Glory of God alone. (Revelation 5:13; Colossians 1:16)

Our Strategic Emphasis & Priority

We have a special emphasis on the children of the next generation, specifically the unreached, the un-engaged, and the vulnerable children of rural Uganda.
The means by which we build a platform to witness and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and meet the physical needs of this younger generation is by the following:

     Nutrition- Medical and dental care, as well as essential basic food needs met from local agriculture that supports the development of the Ugandan economy.

     Opportunity through education- Christ-centered education that will equip students to be proficient and prepared to pass the Ugandan standards of education, and surpass them in every way.  Education in a safe environment will equip these students to be leaders in their local cities, districts, Uganda, and all of East Africa.

     water-Clean water has the benefit of nutrition, microeconomic development, demographic transition, and sharing the Gospel.

The Local Church

Train up local pastors to lead their respective flocks to observe and follow all that Christ Jesus has commanded.
We desire this to result in a church-growing multiplying effect lead by and for Ugandans that will evangelize all of the local community, Uganda, and East Africa.

End State

The idea of Uganda NOW Outreach is to essentially work ourselves out of having a job. This ministry exists not for our own needs, but for those of the Ugandans. With that being said, we do not want to be the ones to support Ugandans for life – we want Ugandans to grow, renew and transform in such holistic and remarkable ways, that they will send out their own missionaries to the ends of the earth to minister about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.