Leonard and Emmy


Leonard and Emily Chemtai

Project Directors: Light School

Meet Leonard and Emily Chemutai, our directors of the Light School Project. These wonderful
people are the directors of their project in Uganda. They are both from the same village and were married in 2013. They have two children, Puah and Joshua Jeremiah, and live near
the village. Along with being the director of the school, Leonard is also a full-time pastor and evangelist.
He is currently pursuing his Bachelors of Theology degree from Uganda Baptist Seminary in Jinja. Emily
is a skilled and loving mother who is a trained and excellent at accounting and finance.
Living in a remote area dominated by Islam, they recognized the immense need for a Christian
School that is Gospel focused and driven. With little more than the love of Christ in their hearts,
determination, and some help from a few friends, they started Light Primary School in 2014 which
serves children from Kindergarten through 7th grade. Currently the student population is about 160
The school and tender evangelism by Pastor Leonard has been an incredible witness of Christ’s
Lordship within the Muslim dominated village. At the school children hear of Christ and then go home
and tell their parents. Teachers also hear about Christ and end up giving their lives to him. They have
seen many people come to Christ because of the faithful witness of the school and the Chemutai family.
Uganda N.O.W. Outreach first began working with the Chemutai’s in 2019 and were officially
made ministry partners and Project directors in 2020. Through this fruitful relationship and partnership,
it is our hope to reach many more with the saving Gospel message of Christ’s love, hope, and
redemption for the people of Uganda.