If You’re Wondering…Because I Was Wondering:

Many of you know Uganda NOW had it’s first real Facebook fundraiser. I was more than jazzed by the results…but I am always baseline jazzed. We got on board in time to receive some of the Gates Foundation matching funds.

So my Facebook friends and family… 

YOU made this happen through your sacrificial Christmas giving. And to put a bow on it…we far exceeded our goal through not just FB, but website giving and private donors. YES!!! This means more things can be done for our Busagazi Island children.

The funds were released recently and are making their way across to our great Ugandan family and ground team who will make this happen expeditiously. While we wanted this to happen the day of…Christmas Day…fund raising is a slow machine even these days. I had planned on waiting till we had the actual pictures of the party, food and footwear, but I have been there and know what faces in expectation look like… We will post actual on scene photos as the day comes, so you can see your impact through Uganda NOW Outreach.

Until then…I have some ideas of the faces. 









~ Gail Walter
Founding Member, Director