What Your Money Does:

I can imagine everyone associated with Uganda NOW awoke this morning and smiled. We are well on our way to getting shoes and a great Christmas feast of rice, bean, MEAT and juice for our little ones on Busagazi Island. Enough food to fill the “belly” all the way up. This Christmas there will be much singing and dancing and energy to play. In many ways it would look like any other day to an American…but it is not.

It means there is hope that someone cares…someone loved enough to give them a special day. 
It will be their first Christmas celebration. I have such peace this morning. I have looked up into a sea of hungry faces so many times and then there will be that one face…and you see it…and you know we are making a difference.

You are making a difference.

And there is a rumor that if we have enough money we might be able to replace their very very old uniforms with new ones. I vote to get rid of the pink and go for the Kansas College colors….but that is just my vote… There is still time to give to our kids first Christmas!!! We are over half way there.And a special thanks to those who sponsor a child at Kansas College. You make sure EVERYDAY makes a difference in their life.
~ Gail Walter
Co-Founder, Director