Medical, Nutrition and Dental

Most of the people in the remote regions of the world have never received medical care or have seen a doctor.  Women frequently go into labor and give birth on the side of the road.

Sadly, many children and adults suffer and die each day from preventable diseases.  It is the goal of Uganda N.O.W. Outreach to provide medical services by bringing trained doctors and nurses to the people.  We have met the initial goal of building a medical/dental clinic. Our next step is equipping the clinic with physicians, nurses and dentists.  Proper nutrition and regular de-worming and dental care is an effective yet simple way for the people of these villages to thrive and grow. The sponsorship program is one of the most effective tools in the prevention of disease and malnutrition in our children.

  • Gail Walter, MD, Founding Member and one of our Directors, is an American Doctor who has gone over numerous times to provide a Health Clinic.
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  • Pictured above is Randall McVey, DMD, President and Director of Dentistry.

Dental Hygene is a major issue and some of our Ugandan friends never receive basic dental care. We have been fortunate to have a dentist travel with us on some of our trips to provide Dental Care.