Feeding Uganda


Uganda Now Outreach would like you to partner with us

in aiding Uganda during the Covid-19 Crisis.
BRACE FOR IMPACT. Amidst the joy of Dr. Gail Walter’s latest visit to Pastor Leonard and the children of the Light School Project, Covid-19 has devastated the World and hit our 3rd World Countries even harder. Not only are they dealing with the day to day stresses, but now the Government is on lockdown. The communities and tribes have no where to get work, no where to trade and no where to find food. Uganda has no deaths from Covid-19, starvation is killing this country.
WE ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP. We need you. Food prices are already sky rocketing and many are scared. We truly believe that God is in control and that he has allowed this partnership to happen at such a time as this. Please be in prayer for these people. Right now we are in need of donors to step up and partner with Uganda NOW Outreach. Our children and teachers will not starve. Our children and teachers will not die because of this. You can donate and literally save lives.