Projects We Are Currently Fundraising For.

Feeding Uganda - Locust Crisis


Monies are currently being designated to food supply and stock. A plague of Biblical proportion is now on the doorstep of the village and is sweeping from the boarder of Kenya into Uganda. Our beloved village and its people are on the front lines of crisis. Swarms of locust are pouring over the boarder and are eating every plant in sight. People will starve. People will die. We need you. Food prices are already sky rocketing and many are scared. We need your help so we can hope to help them through this crisis.

Missionary Support

dr gail

Uganda N.O.W. Outreach in direct support of our Missionary on the ground, Dr. Gail Walter. Dr. Gail is one of the founders of UNO and  has made Uganda her permanent residence in 2019.

Dr. Walter is currently providing vitamins, medical support and assistance where needed and simultaneously spreading the Gospel. Her needs are for rent, food and medical support to help aid with basic care and her Mission to those around her.

Vitamin Project


Monies are currently being designated to Vitamins. Our kids nutrition is greatly depleted with lack of food. On top of that the food they do receive is the same food everyday so building their system up with Vitamins is critical.

Water Project


Monies are currently being designated to researching every standard and cutting edge way to bring clean and safe water. Boreholes, filtered and chemically treated water are all areas we are investigating with help from our Missionary on the ground.