1. Schools and Education

    Donated: $105.00
    Monies will be in direct support to the schools and education of our children and teachers.
  2. Building Projects

    Donated: $0.00
    Your monetary donation will go towards our efforts to build and equip the villages of Makindu and Busagazi with education and medical care.
  3. Boda-Boda Project

    Donation: $305.00 / $5,000.00
    Monies will be dedicated to buying boda-boda's and providing a source of income for the teachers and transportation for our schools.
  4. Clean Water Project

    Donated: $20.00
    Monies donated to the clean water project will be dedicated to more water wells, cleaner water and maintaining the current wells.
  5. Healthcare

    Donated: $2,400.00
    Monies are currently being designated to Vitamins. Our kids nutrition is greatly depleted with lack of food. On top of that the food they do receive is the same food everyday so building their system up with Vitamins is critical.
  6. General Fund

    Donated: $19,430.00
    Any funds donated to the General Funds will be allocated amongst any current project or the needs of the children.