1. Schools and Education

    Donated: $5.00
    Monies will be in direct support to the schools and education of our children and teachers.
  2. Building Projects

    Donated: $0.00
    Your monetary donation will go towards our efforts to build and equip the villages of Makindu and Busagazi with education and medical care.
  3. Boda-Boda Project

    Donation: $5.00 / $5,000.00
    Monies will be dedicated to buying boda-boda's and providing a source of income for the teachers and transportation for our schools.
  4. Clean Water Project

    Donated: $15.00
    Monies donated to the clean water project will be dedicated to more water wells, cleaner water and maintaining the current wells.
  5. Healthcare Project

    Donated: $1,000.00
    Monies will go to Nutrition, Healthcare, Medical Supplies and Education.
  6. General Fund

    Donated: $3,300.00
    Any funds donated to the General Funds will be allocated amongst any current project or the needs of the children.