Clean Water



Clean Water for the Thirsty

The only source of water that most the Villages in Uganda have to drink are contaminated water from close by Lakes or Rivers.  This dirty water causes illness, an increase in parasites, and even death for some.
Thanks to churches like Lighthouse ChurchLife Church and  Grace Christian Fellowship who have generously donated money to fund water projects, the villages that we partner with have clean water. Clean water is the first step in improving health and quality of life.  So far, these water wells have given health, hope, and strengthened these communities in ways that were once unimaginable.

Funds Are Raised for Water Wells and Cleaning.

Monies are currently being designated to researching every standard and cutting edge way to bring clean and safe water.
Boreholes, filtered and chemically treated water are all areas we are investigating with help from our Missionary on the ground.