Child Sponsorship


Give Hope

Give the gift of hope as you change the life of a Ugandan child forever with your gift of sponsorship. 

100% of your tax deductible donation will reach your sponsored child.

What will my sponsorship do?

A sponsorship from a donor like you will not only give a child hope for a better future, but it will also allow them to learn about the loving Father who created them.

We encourage you to form a unique and special relationship with your sponsored child, pray for them, and encourage them to be all that God made them to be.

Your sponsorship will provide a Kansas College (high school age) student with a warm and safe bed, three daily meals, the care and guidance from a campus counselor, tuition, shoes, and a uniform.

How much does it cost?

For only $1.25 per day, or about the same as a cup of coffee would cost, you can

change the life of a child forever. For your convenience, we offer three different payment plans.

Monthly Payment Plan of $38.00

Biannual Payment Plan of $228.00

Yearly Payment Plan of $456.00

What do I need to do to sponsor?

Being a sponsor is a life changing experience for the sponsor and the child.  Child sponsorship is an investment in the life of a Ugandan child, in the future of Uganda, and in the Kingdom of God.  To begin your sponsorship click the button to the right.