Despite the stalling that the global pandemic has brought, so much is happening for Uganda N.O.W. Outreach and excitement is high for what the Lord is doing.  We wanted to take a moment to share our excitement with you about the various people and projects that have breathed new life into our organization and brought hope and change through Christ to the people of Uganda.

Dr. Gail Walter and Pastor Leonard Chemutai fighting against Starvation due to COVID-19 Lockdown

President Museveni has controlled the country of Uganda with an iron fist and a callous heart towards his people since the pandemic began.  The country was forced into a strict lockdown which threw a good majority of the nation’s population into more severe poverty and hunger than ever before, not being allowed to work or leave their homes.  Those who dared to disobey these orders and entered the streets to go to work have been beaten or even shot for disobeying.  People began to starve.  By law, those who give out food to the poor can be charged with attempted murder for feeding those who are starving.  HOWEVER, our Lord commanded us to care for those in need and to show compassion and love towards all, especially the poor.  Much of the funds that have come in to our general fund have gone towards empowering Dr. Gail Walter and Kapchorwa Director Leonard Chemutai in feeding some of the most needy and vulnerable.  Your donations have literally SAVED LIVES!  Please be in prayer that these operations remain hidden from the government and that food sources and prices remain stable.  Our work here remains clear yet dangerous and is yet to have an end in sight.  

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Light Primary School Land Purchase Fundraiser

Several years ago, Pastor Leonard Chemutai saw the need for the children of his village to have a solid education and to hear the Gospel message of Christ told to them at school.  With the help of some faithful friends, he was able to rent some land with a few shacks on it and began to teach and preach to the children, parents, and teachers.  This task was daunting in a mostly Muslim village, but the school quickly blossomed and more people came as many became saved and lives were changed by the message and hope of Christ.  The little shacks, poor sanitation, and typhoid infested water along with the ever-present persecution has spurred Uganda N.O.W. Outreach to respond by finding new land to buy and to build a school that is safe.  50% of the land that has been found has been paid for and we are currently raising the remaining funds.  We need donors like you to partner with us to make this new land for the school a reality!  We would love your prayer for this school, the children, teachers, and parents.  Pray that the Lord would provide for the many needs both physically and spiritually of these people.  

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Dr. Gail Walter and Mission Heal Uganda

The Ugandan branch and the medical side of Uganda N.O.W. Outreach, led by Missionary Dr. Gail Walter, has become known as Mission Heal Uganda.  Though she is currently still in strict lockdown in the capital city of Kampala, she presses on daily to reach out to those in need who live near to where she is.  She continues to gear up for the continuation of The Vitamin Project and is on the search for the Mission Heal Uganda headquarters location where she will conduct trainings, seminars, research, and ministry when the lockdown ends.  Please be in prayer for Dr. Gail, that she will be encouraged during this continued time of strict lockdown and that the Lord would give her a clear vision for her mission after the lockdown is ended.  Also be in prayer that the right place will become available for her missions and training center there in Kampala. 

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