About Us

uno-logo-02Uganda N.O.W. Outreach is a 501(c)3 non-profit,  Christ-centered Missions organization that seeks to improve the lives of those living in rural Uganda by development and improvements in Nutrition, Opportunity through Education and clean Water. Founded in 2008, Uganda N.O.W. Outreach also aims to use these areas of development for and by the means of ministry for the Kingdom Expansion of Jesus Christ.

Challenges that natives of Uganda face include: The widespread devastation by HIV/AIDS and other preventable diseases. Many children are either orphaned or vulnerable to physical or sexual abuse, discrimination, exploitation, violence and a life of poverty and crime. Access to basic healthcare in Uganda is frequently not available and the journey to what does exist is often an impossible journey for the sick or elderly. Availability of clean drinking water is either absent or too distant to access in many parts of rural Uganda. Due to the remoteness and impoverished state of the people, education is widely unavailable or difficult to achieve. Tribal beliefs vary from animism to Islam and stand in conflict with Christianity and the preaching of the Gospel.

The Uganda N.O.W. team has responded to these challenges through the implementation of projects that have included: Digging Wells, Medical Clinics, Dental Clinics, Crusades and Ministry, Pastoral Training and Discipleship, Teacher workshops, Vacation Bible School, Construction of Educational Facilities for disadvantaged children and providing much needed nutrition, food and supplements for malnourished children.

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